What You Need to Know About Tail Lift Vehicles

by Jadza Logistic

When it comes to delivering heavy parcels and large items quickly and efficiently, tail lift couriers are the best solution. Tail-lift courier vehicles use a mechanical platform installed on the back of the vehicle for easy loading of cargo. The platform can be lowered for loading or unloading delivery items onto the platform, then raised up to allow for easy loading and unloading within the vehicle.

There are several types of tail lift courier vehicles out there that are useful in different circumstances. So, here is a guide to the different kinds of tail lift courier vehicles available.

Types of Tail Lift Courier Vehicles

lorry tail lift stacked with boxes

Column lifts — These work best for small vehicles like home delivery trucks that have only limited ground clearance. The platform mounts onto the rear of the

vehicle on a track that runs vertically across the body of the vehicle. These tail lifts can lift higher than the vehicle’s bed, which is very useful for offloading when

the docking bay is higher than the vehicle bed level.

Cantilever lifts — These are chassis mounted and fold upwards, becoming part of the rear of the vehicle. They can form a ramp onto the vehicle and are used for heavier loads that smaller column lifts are unsuited for. They are slower to operate than column lifts but are fully hydraulic with greater lifting capacities.

Tuckaway lifts — Similar to cantilever lifts but with a foldable split platform. This split platform means that access to the rear of the vehicle is easier and requires less storage space. In addition, the lift is mounted under the rear, requiring more ground clearance but ensuring less risk of damage overall.

Retractable lifts — These feature a single platform that extends out horizontally from the vehicle. It is attached to a chassis, which makes it ideal for heavy loads and tucks away under the vehicle when not in use.

Our Tail Lift Courier Vehicle Fleet

At Redhead Couriers, we use the Citiloader Lutan from Renault for our deliveries across the UK. These are large vans with a side curtain for easy side loading and tail lift with 500 kg capacity. With a 15.6 square metre capacity and 1000 kg max weight (up to six standard pallets), our tail lift courier vehicles are perfect for heavy loads. In addition, they are completely flatbed with no wheel arches to get in the way. Currently, we have one short tail lift vehicle with a shutter door back and one with an extended tail lift of 1.7 m. Both are ready for nationwide delivery and are fully FORS Silver compliant.

Redhead Couriers

Here at Redhead Couriers, we offer express deliveries to locations in Essex, Suffolk, and London. We are an Essex-based company with one of the largest networks of express couriers in the UK. We serve a wide range of industries including publishers, manufacturers, legal services, and much more.

Our fleet of experienced and reliable drivers can deliver anywhere in the UK. To find out more about our services for heavy parcel delivery, speak with us today. For high-quality express deliveries anywhere in the UK, ask for Redhead Couriers.

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